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AMG Medpro Nebulizer Kid & Adult 

$119.99  $65.99 with Coupon Code & Pickup

Nebulizes liquid medicine using compressed air technology, for treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tract.

Kit includes:

  • Adult and child mask

  • Mouthpiece

  • Nebulizer unit

  • Tubing

  • Nebulizer chamber

  • Replacement air filters


Medpro SONAIR Mesh Portable Nebulizer

$129.99  $70.99 with Coupon Code & Pickup

Sonairâ„¢ nebulizes liquid medication, providing ultra-fine mist that permeates the lungs faster for convenient and effective respiratory treatment.

  • Silent and Discreet Nebulization

  • Compact + Portable

  • One-Touch Operation

  • Rechargeable

Nebulizer kit includes: 1 adult and 1 child mask, mouthpiece, USB cable, Accessory bag, Quick start and Instruction manual.