Limited Time: myDNA Test Kit $129.99  $76.99 with Coupon Code & Pickup 
At Kennedy Road I.D.A. Pharmacy, we are proud to be the first accredited pharmacy within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to offer the myDNA test kit for the Wellness & Nutrition Report.  The personalized myDNA Wellness & Nutrition Report can help you gain insight into what type of diet may suit you based on your genetics since not all diets are suited for everyone.

Doing a myDNA test gives you a Personalised Diet Report with:


Genetic information about your:

  • Fat storage and breakdown
  • Weight and appetite
  • Risk of high triglyceride levels

Your Food Guide:

  • Based on the type of diet you should be eating to suit your genes.
  • Detailing the number of servings of carbs, proteins and fats you should eat each day, which foods fall under each category, and how much of each equals one serving.
  • Showing how your recommended diet differs to the Australian Guidelines.

Your Exercise Plan:

  • Recommending either low, moderate or high intensity exercise.
  • Based on the type of exercise intensity that is best suited to your DNA.
  • Detailing how many times a week you should be exercising, what kinds of activities you should be doing, and for how long.