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Bauerfeind OmoTrain Shoulder Support for $359.99  $199.99 with coupon code & pickup 

Active support for early functional treatment of the shoulder joint

For shoulder complaints following injury or surgery, or caused by osteoarthritis, OmoTrain stabilizes the shoulder joint and provides secure joint guidance during movement thanks to its special strap system. The support activates the muscles and exerts a beneficial intermittent compression massage on the soft tissues, thereby relieving pain. If required, a removable massage pad (Delta pad) can provide additional massage for specific pain spots.

    • centers the shoulder joint
    • relieves pain
    • can be worn on the left or the right
    *=Size 0-6/D1107170208000*/916000+1950/20231207

    Bauerfeind OmoTrain S Shoulder Support for $403.99  $229.99 with coupon code & pickup

    Active support for neuromuscular stabilization of the shoulder joint

    The OmoTrain S support provides secure support for the shoulder joint and strongly promotes mobility in order to restore function. During each movement, the compression knit and a removable massage pad (Delta pad) massage the soft tissue, thereby relieving pain, and activate the musculature that stabilizes the joint. Thanks to its direct strap system, the support participates in every movement and is extremely quick and easy to put on. It is therefore particularly suitable for use in pain therapy, for immediate care for injuries, and for protection against further injuries both in everyday activities and in sport.

    • relieves pain
    • activates the musculature
    • removable massage pad
    *=size 0-6/~=6 right, 7 left/D1107170080~0*/918200+1950/20231207